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The Raincross of Riverside

Original Raincross

The Raincross was created as a logo for the Mission Inn in 1908 by Frank A. Miller, builder and owner of the Inn and his famous architect, Arthur B. Benton.

The double-armed cross at the top is an ancient Native American symbol for the dragonfly-- in the desert southwest, the dragonfly only flies during the summer rains, hence the term Raincross.

In 1968 the Raincross became the official symbol for the city of Riverside. Variations of this unique emblem are seen throughout Riverside and the surrounding areas. Pieces from our Raincross Collection of fine jewelry are prized and proudly worn by many area residents and visitors.

The Story of the Raincross Collection

Our first Raincross jewelry, known as the Commemorative Collection, was designed to celebrate the reopening of the Mission Inn in 1993. Hand carved by Jim Sweaney, this series was introduced as a Limited Edition of 50 signed and numbered pendants, and is one of our most popular styles to this day.

Commemorative Riverside Pendant Commemorative Riverside Raincross Pendant

Next came the Heart of Riverside, a beautiful design built around the Raincross and reminiscent of the wrought iron work seen at the Mission Inn.

Heart Riverside Pendant Heart of Riverside

We followed the Heart with several designs in the style of the early 20th Century including the Filigree Collection, the Lavaliere Collection, and the Mission Collection.

Filegree Riverside Earrings Filigree Collection Raincross Earrings
Raincross Riverside Men's Ring Men's Riverside Raincross Ring

The Mission Inn Bell is modeled after a bell decorating the balconies on the 6th street side of the Inn.

Mission Inn Bell Pendant Mission Inn Bell Pendant

The Traditional Series was a redesign by Jim of a style from the 70's -- We're not sure who created the first of this style-- it may have been Don Harris, the founder of Mardon. Because of the very straight lines of the design, we used a computer to create precise prototypes-- our first venture into the world of CAD/CAM.

Traditional Raincross Pendant Traditional Raincross Pendant

In 1999, as the Millenium approached, we celebrated with the Diamond Raincross series, an extravaganza of sparkle, again, carefully crafted with CAD precision.

Diamond Raincross Diamond Raincross

With the precision of CAD, we were able to recreate Frank Miller's original design in precious metal.

Original Raincross Pendant Original Raincross Pendant

For our latest design, we enlisted the help of the finest enamelist in California to create the stunning Technicolor Raincross pendant and matching earrings.

Technicolor Raincross Set Technicolor Raincross Set

The Raincross Collection is designed by Jim Sweaney and are hand crafted in-house with 14 karat white or yellow gold. We can also create our Raincross designs in peach gold, rose gold, 18 karat gold, platinum, and sterling silver by request.

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